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Domestic / Infidelity Investigations

There are sometimes circumstances that occur in our lives that are unpleasant to contemplate or even accept. One of these circumstances is the possibility of the infidelity of a partner or spouse. To just speculate gives you no peace of mind. An issue this important requires that you have the truth with proof. You need to know for sure if you are being cheated on so you can determine what actions you want to take going forward.

Domestic/Infidelity Investigations are designed to answer these questions.
There are a number of methods used to obtain evidence of cheating or other
activity. A free consultation would be conducted to determine what would
be the best approach in your particular situation. Here are the methods employed
when conducting this type of investigation:

Surveillance Operation

  • Computer Investigations
  • Cell Phone Forensics
  • Hidden Camera Placement
  • Bank and Brokerage Account Searches
  • Decoy Services

Contact us with any questions concerning our services.

Our investigators can conduct not only a professional surveillance operation
but can include telephone or computer forensic examinations which might
assist in giving you a clear picture of what is actually occurring.

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I am always satisfied that the assignment I have given Richard Hogan has been carried out fully and to, if not beyond, my expectations. Since meeting him, he has been my sole source for private detective and process work.

Erica Minchella | Attorney at Law

I was very impressed with the work Richard did for me. As an Attorney, I require skill and experience when utilizing detective services for clients. Richard has been thoughtful and intelligent in the work he has done for me, and I will continue to utilize his services. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone that he may be of help.

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We needed an immediate process server to assist us in the Chicago area and being that we are out of state, Mr. Hogan successfully delivered as promised — especially the day before Thanksgiving and in rush-hour traffic! Both he and Tina were very professional from start to finish and even followed-up with us after the job was completed. We are very grateful for their quick turnaround and highly recommend them. We will definitely contact them for all our needs

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