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Background Investigations

We encounter persons and companies which we are considering interacting with. Before this is done, it is usually a good idea to know the background of that person or company. Not knowing the background can hurt you both personally and financially. There are a number of benefits to knowing the background of those with who you will exercise a level of trust. This could be the vetting of a prospective business partner, a person of interest in a legal action, or the person that you are involved with in a long-distance relationship. These and other instances dictate that you be well informed of the background of an individual or company.

We can conduct comprehensive background investigations which can give you the information needed to make an informed decision. We can gather all the information that you might need in most instances so you can make an informed decision.

When filing out the background forms it is vital to be truthful with every question asked, failure to do so is grounds for removing the candidate from consideration. They may be terminated if they have already been hired. Remember, there are 2 types of false statements, commission and omission. Commission is providing false or misleading information whereas omission is failing to put down information. It is not unusual for an applicant to be removed from consideration because they concealed particular information on the background forms. However, the information that they were trying to hide would not have been cause to remove them from consideration. The act of concealing it however was cause.

Agencies may require applicants to undergo a psychological examination and/or a polygraph exam.

Let Hogan Investigative Services Inc. provide you with this valuable information that can keep you and your assets secure.

Background Investigation is a vital resource for you to use. We specialize in performing criminal background checks on job applicants. 

Our Background Investigator conduct pre-employment background investigations, focusing on providing a quality case report in a timely manner.

Our 40+ years of experience can provide you with the investigative expertise needed to mount a criminal defense investigation. This can be done for the initial prosecution or in the post-conviction phase.

We will review all available case information, proceed to locate additional witnesses, investigate the police activity associated with your case, provide scene investigation and construction and provide expert witnesses to testify on your behalf. Working in concert with your attorney, we can devise an investigative strategy for the best presentation of your case.

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I am always satisfied that the assignment I have given Richard Hogan has been carried out fully and to, if not beyond, my expectations. Since meeting him, he has been my sole source for private detective and process work.

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I was very impressed with the work Richard did for me. As an Attorney, I require skill and experience when utilizing detective services for clients. Richard has been thoughtful and intelligent in the work he has done for me, and I will continue to utilize his services. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone that he may be of help.

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We needed an immediate process server to assist us in the Chicago area and being that we are out of state, Mr. Hogan successfully delivered as promised — especially the day before Thanksgiving and in rush-hour traffic! Both he and Tina were very professional from start to finish and even followed-up with us after the job was completed. We are very grateful for their quick turnaround and highly recommend them. We will definitely contact them for all our needs

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