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Hogan Investigative Services, Inc. knows that it can be stressful to not have the answers you're looking for. As a private investigator serving the Chicago area, he knows how to pay attention to the details to uncover what you want to know. He is dedicated to client satisfaction and able to offer the following services:
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Commercial Insurance Fraud Investigations
Criminal Defense Investigations
Background Investigations
Locate / Skip-Trace Services
​Process Services

Additional services available include but are not limited to:

Telephone and Computer Forensics

There is information stored on these devices which can be retrieved. Our forensic technicians can retrieve information from these devices even if you believe pertinent information has been deleted. Call for details.

Personal Injury Investigations

As a Personal Injury Attorney, it is important to have accurate and timely information which can assist in the execution of the case. Let Hogan Investigative Services Inc act as the investigative asset for your firm. Be it taking statements, locating witnesses or an accident scene examination let our professional, prompt expert service assist in bringing your cases to a positive conclusion

Medical Records Sweep

When handling a personal injury or work comp case, you need to be certain that the claimant did not have a pre-existing condition that wasn't disclosed. Hogan Investigative Services, Inc can legally uncover those forgotten doctor appointments, diagnostic tests and treatments. Call for details.

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